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Helping you rebuild or reinstate your home to its original condition.

Family gathering place, office or sanctuary – your home is your own creation.

These days we are using our homes for more activities than ever before. That is why it is so important to protect your home from losses that can interfere with your life or even put you out of your home.

With GrovesJohnWestrup Private Clients Buildings cover you are covered for damage to your home and its fixtures, including your driveway, patio, fence, swimming pool, tennis court, underground utilities and more. In addition, you can benefit from these cover highlights:

Extended Replacement Cover
If it costs more for you to rebuild your home than your insurance limit, we will pay anyway. That is because we want you to be able to rebuild or reinstate your home to its sum insured not insurance limit after a covered loss. (Grade 1 and Grade A homes are excluded.)
Alternative Accommodation
If your home becomes uninhabitable, we will pay unlimited costs for similar accommodation elsewhere for you, your family and pets. This means that you will have peace of mind in the event of a claim such as fire or flood in your home.
Building Works
If you have let us know that you are renovating or updating your home, we will pay up to £200,000 to cover those works in progress, including any materials or supplies on site if they are damaged or ruined.
Finding a Leak
Damage from a water, oil, gas, or petroleum leak can be devastating so we pay whatever it takes to find the source.
Home Upgrades for Water Damage
To help you prevent another loss following a water leak in your home, we will pay up to £25,000 or 10% of your current repair costs, whichever is less.
Security Upgrades
If you were physically criminally assaulted in your home, we want you to feel safe again, so we will pay up to £25,000 to upgrade your alarm and security system.

What if faulty wiring causes a house fire?

What if faulty wiring causes a house fire?
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If an electrical wire shorts out and causes a fire in your home, you will have peace of mind, knowing that your GrovesJohnWestrup Private Clients cover will help you rebuild your home, provide alternative accommodations for your family and pets, and the option of speedy cash payments for necessities like your children’s toys and clothes.

What else may be covered?

Besides the cover highlights described above, the following additional covers would also be included as part of GrovesJohnWestrup Private Clients Buildings cover:
  • Increased metered water charges
  • Garden restoration
  • The time between exchange of contracts and sale of your home
  • New fixtures and fittings
  • Replacement locks
  • Counselling fees if you were physically criminally assaulted in your home
  • Essential alterations
  • Temporary removal of permanent fixtures for repair or safety
  • Lost income from solar panels or wind turbines
  • Environmental upgrades
  • Fly tipping.

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Report a claim and get the help you need

From the first contact you have with us through to the final payment of your claim, you are treated with care and efficiency. Our Concierge Service will ensure that your claim is managed with the right expertise to ensure decisions are made quickly enabling you to get back to your life sooner.