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Taking care of your needs when you’re away from home.

When you travel, you want to know that you have access to all the services you may need.

When you travel, you will want to know for certain that if something happens – you need medical attention, lose your luggage or need to cancel a trip – you will have access to someone who can help you make it right.

With GrovesJohnWestrup Private Clients Travel cover, you can travel confidently both outside and within the UK, knowing that you are covered for the following:

Medical expenses
We will cover costs of up to £10 million if you need medical attention, surgery or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner, hospital, nursing home, or ambulance. This includes dental expenses for emergency pain relief.
Cancellation and curtailment
We will pay costs of up to £12,500 per person per trip, if your original planned trip needs to be cancelled or rearranged due to a death, injury or illness affecting you, a family member or travel companion.
Winter sports
We will pay up to certain limits if you are on a winter sports holiday and your ski equipment is lost, damaged or stolen, you can’t use your ski package or pass due to illness or injury, or you need travel expenses to a new skiing resort because your original ski resort destination was closed.

What if a loved one is injured whilst on holiday?

What if a loved one is injured whilst on holiday?
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It is never enjoyable to think about something terrible happening whilst you are away from home. But if, for example, your spouse or partner was injured on a ski trip overseas, you would have the resources you need to get your entire family through the process and back home to the UK, making things as easy for you as possible.

What else may be covered?

Besides the cover highlights described above, the following additional covers would also be included as part of GrovesJohnWestrup Private Clients Travel cover:
  • Emergency travel expenses
  • Repatriation expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Temporary replacement items if your baggage is lost for eight hours or more
  • Replacement of lost or damaged travel documents
  • Personal accidents resulting in death or permanent disability
  • Hospital in-patient benefits
  • Alternative travel arrangements if you miss your planned transportation 
  • Green fees for golf if you cannot play due to illness or injury or lose the documentation
  • Travel delays
  • Legal expenses
  • Counselling fees if you experience physical trauma or distress during your travels.

Stay safe when you’re away from home

Discover how GrovesJohnWestrup Private Clients cover can take care of your needs while you’re away from home, by calling our Concierge Desk Service by telephone at +44 (0) 207 661 1180.