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    Access the Broker Portal with your log-in credentials below.

    If you have forgotten your credentials, please email

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our broker portal is the quickest way to obtain a quotation through us. It features a reduced question set and allows quotations to be completed easily. Once you’ve entered all required risk information for a quotation, you’ll be provided with an indication of premium. If your quotation refers to an underwriter, you’ll also be notified of the reason on screen. 

    Our Broker Portal remains the most efficient means of obtaining quotes no matter how large or complex.

    All new business quotations with an expiring premium of £5,000 or less should be submitted via our Broker Portal. Please note: we’ll be unable to respond to quotation requests under £5,000 in premium that we receive by email.

    Yes, the Broker Portal does provide a full quotation and bind facility. However, due to the nature of HNW risks most quotations will be referred to our underwriting team. The reasons for referral will be shown to you on screen at the end of your quotation.  
    Yes, once you’ve entered all required risk information for a quotation an indication of premium will be provided. If your quotation has referred to an underwriter, you’ll be notified of the reason on screen. 
    Once you’ve entered all required risk information for your quotation along with an indication of premium, you’ll also see why the quotation has referred to our underwriters.  
    Your quotations will be handled by our dedicated underwriters. We aim to respond within 2 working days, but during busy periods it may be longer.
    Yes, once approved by an underwriter you can bind your quotation and access the policy documentation via the Broker Portal. Additionally, even quotes originally submitted via email can be bound online through our Broker Portal once approved by an underwriter. 
    Yes, you can reduce commission levels through our Broker Portal. 
    Yes, you can attach documents and text to your quotation, including surveys, schedules, and valuations. 
    Yes, you can add free format notes and documents to your quotation. This might include additional risk or customer profile information. 

    New business quotations will are required to have minimum contents sum insured of:

    • £150,000 for Contents only: or

    • £250,000 for combined Contents, Fine Art, and Jewellery

    These limits apply exclusively to new business quotations. They will not affect existing business, renewals, or quotes for which you have already received terms.

    You have 24/7 access to approved quotations and active policies, including the latest documentation. 
    Yes, once your quotation is approved or the policy in force you have 24/7 access to documents even if the quotation was not completed online. 
    You can access the portal Broker Portal here.   
    If you’re having any issues accessing your account, email us at or call 0207 661 1150.
    To improve the security of our Broker Portal we require two-factor authentication (2FA).   
    Two-factor authentication is a security system that requires two separate, distinct forms of identification in order to access something. Each time you login to your account, you’ll receive a unique code d by an email or text which will need to be entered to complete login.
    For help accessing your Broker Portal account please email us at or call 0207 661 1150. 
    You can report any issues to us by email or call 0207 661 1150.
    To register a new team member you’ll need to provide us with the employee's full name, email address and telephone number. You can share these details with us by email or call 207 661 1150. 
    Once logged in you can see anyone’s quotations in your team via the Broker Portal dashboard.
    A quotation that’s in a suspended status means you can go in and edit the quotation before submitting to our underwriters. 
    A quotation requiring underwriting approval means that it’s with our underwriters for consideration.
    A quotation which is undergoing ‘rating in progress’ could be for several reasons, please email us at and we’ll investigate for you.  
    A quotation pending for endorsement means the MTA has been reviewed by our underwriters and we are awaiting your instruction. 
    A pending quote status means your submission has been reviewed by our underwriters and quotation documents are ready to download.  
    The quotation has been reviewed by our underwriters and an endorsement has been amended. Documents will be ready to load shortly.  
    The policy is now in force with effect from the inception date and the documentation is ready to download.
    When you see a red error code, please make a note of the error code or screenshot the error screen and send it to us at and we’ll investigate. When emailing us the error, please include your risk presentation and we’ll review the quotation and advise you when it’s ready for you to access via our Broker Portal.  

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