Products and Services
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Products and Services

GrovesJohnWestrup Private Clients cover provides the protection and service you need to live life to the fullest regardless of what happens along the way.

The risks you face are unique to your situation and constantly evolving. That is why our team of insurance experts will help you personalise a comprehensive insurance programme to meet your needs, no matter how complex they are or how they might change over time. We offer the covers you need to keep yourself, your family and your assets safe.

We will take care of you, from start to finish

To give you a more complete and fulfilling experience, we manage every aspect of our relationship with you. 
Backed by Munich Re
Munich Re underwrites 100% of our Private Client insurance product lines through Syndicate 457 at Lloyd’s and DAS.
GrovesJohnWestrup underwrites all elements of the policies.
Suffering an incident such as a fire, flood or theft can be a traumatic experience. Therefore, we aim to ensure that you get the support you need throughout your claim. Our dedicated Concierge Service, expert claim handlers, loss adjusters and suppliers make sure your claim is managed efficiently from start to finish, so you can get back to enjoying your life.

We remove the stress and worry

Even if you have put preventive measures in place, incidents can happen. A pipe leaks in your home. A thief breaks in and takes your antique jewellery. A cyber criminal hacks into your smart home device, stealing personal information and money from your bank account. With GrovesJohnWestrup Private Clients, we are here to help if you experience a loss, so you can quickly and efficiently get your home and your life back on track. 

  • Use your own repairer – or ask us for a recommendation.
  • Don’t worry if you are unintentionally underinsured – we will pick up the additional expenses in many cases.
  • Plan ahead – we will even help you prevent losses from happening.

Protect what matters most

Access the Broker Portal to submit a risk for quotation. If you are a new broker to GrovesJohnWestrup and wish to apply for an agency, please email or call +44 (0) 7894 095094.