Legal Expenses
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Legal Expenses

Provision of funds to cover the reasonable costs and expenses of legal representation.

When you need it most, you can count on expert legal representation at no cost to you.

It is not uncommon to end up in court over a dispute with a stranger, neighbour, or domestic employee. If you do, you will want to know that you have the funds to pay for expert counsel – without having to pay out of your own bank account. 

With GrovesJohnWestrup Private Clients Legal Expenses cover, you can rest assured you will have the legal representation you need at no cost to you up to the limit of the policy. You will be covered for many types of cases, including:

Employment disputes
If you need to settle a dispute with an employer, employee or ex-employee, we will pay for those costs and expenses.
Contract disputes
We will pay to help you settle disputes arising from an agreement you entered into in order to buy or hire in goods or services, sell goods, rent a primary home or buy or sell your primary or secondary home.
Property protection
We will cover costs in a civil dispute if your primary or secondary home or personal possessions are damaged or someone else uses them unlawfully.

What if you have a dispute with your employer?

What if you have a dispute with your employer?
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If you feel that you were unfairly dismissed or have another dispute with your employer, you have protection through GrovesJohnWestrup Private Clients Legal Expenses, as we will cover the legal cost to resolve the dispute.

What else may be covered:

Besides the cover highlights described above, the following additional covers would also be included as part of your GrovesJohnWestrup Private Clients Legal Expenses cover:
  • Personal injury
  • Clinical negligence
  • Professional examination of your tax return
  • Your salary or wages if you are called to jury service 
  • Your legal defence if you are prosecuted in criminal or civil court
  • Identity theft protection and resolution.

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